9 advantages of day care centers


Working parents face a big issue of leaving their children in someone else’ custody whenever they can’t do it for themselves. Even though nothing can replace the care and concern that parents have for their children, but a reliable day care home is the best option for parents who are caught up in such a conflict of interest between themselves and their children.

Advantages Arguments

Favoring the decision of opting for day care center are as follows,According to an ongoing research by National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, it has been observed that children in reputed and responsible daycare centers performed slightly better on tests than children in other facilities. The children who have the advantage of being part of day care facilities in their early days are more comfortable in adapting to regular schooling in the later part of their childhood which also proves helpful in their higher education as well. They hire a staff that is specially educated in early childhood development.

At the daycare centers, the children get an opportunity to socialize with others in their age group. They probably may not often get to do that when a nanny or a relative takes care of them at home. Young children get to learn numerous positive things in the company of other kids who are around the same age. In many situations, there are always some things that some children can’t learn quickly without observing others of their age do it. By interacting with other kids, children learn social skills, whereas children who stay at home may lag behind a bit in social situations in the future. It is fun and interesting A babysitter may run out of interesting stuff to do but at daycare, where there are many activities to do and many people to interact with it never gets boring. At a well functioning day care center there is always a mix of activities that go on during the day to teach a variety of skills.

These activities include

  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Doing projects
  • Story telling
  • Art
  • Activities centered around reading
  • Play time
  • Honing skills in a structured setting

You can always count on them Stable centers almost always agree to look after the children regardless of the teacher’s sickness or tardiness or tiredness of serving for you. Relatives and nannies have their lives and schedules which have to match your requirements before you can ask for their help.Day care centers have simple rules for parents to take care of and follow. Schedules of these centers are stable and are favorable for parents with rigid work schedules who have to rely on the stability of the centers rather than the undecided or unwilling nanny or relatives.

Parents have the distinct opportunity to interact with other parents who may later be helpful in babysitting for them and vice versa, if need be. At the same time, there is also a great opportunity to make friends with others in a similar situation.

Day care centers offer a formal, sophisticated and structured environment. Many times these centers are inspected by the concerned authorities for licensing purposes. It is really helpful for the children to spend time in a structured learning environment.

Worry less and guilt free moms Moms who use childcare may end up reaping social, financial and psychological rewards. The conundrum of guilt of admitting that we need a break from our children and headaches of a parent to fulfill all the household chores and at the same time care for a child can be solved by opting for such facilities. According to a recent study depressed moms have less chance of passing their depression to their kids who spend time in the day care centers.In many cases, it may be cheaper in comparison to paying a babysitter, and if the caretaker is unwell, the parents may have to end up staying at home with the child.

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