Appropriate Methods to Fix the Washing Machine That has No Water Entering It

Appropriate Methods to Fix the Washing Machine

Sometimes you may notice that the water does not fill the drum of the washing machine. In such case, you have to call a technician. However, there are chances that you may not be able to get the service of an expert technician or don’t have adequate time to wait for the mechanic to arrive for repairing the washing machine.

In such situations, you can do the repairing work yourself. Moreover, fixing the washing machine of Samsung company is quite easy. To do the repairing yourself will be cost effective too. You just need some basic tools and expert hints to solve the issue of your washing machine.

Appropriate Methods to Fix the Washing Machine

A few ways to solve the problem yourself:

  • Examine the hoses. Pull out the washers to check the hose. The faucets need to be checked to know whether it is letting water to enter the pipes. If the hose is twisted fully or damaged the machine won’t fill up. If the twist is slight, it can be straightened up and fixed again, and then turn the pipes for the water to fill in the machine drum through the hose. If the hose is damaged, it is better to replace it.
  • Checking water level switch will be a better option. To check the water level switch, you need to open the washer and locate the control panel. The switch has clear tube running to it. It is better to test with volt-ohm meter. You need to check all the terminals and try all the possible parings to know the fault. One pair out of them should give zero reading and all other pairs reading should be infinity. If the required reading isn’t seen, you need to replace the water level switch.
  • Filters should be cleaned and checked. Even heavy clogging in the filters can stop the fill up of the drum of the washing machine. First the hose need to be disconnected. The filters are in the back of the washer sitting in the water inlet valve. Clean them and join the hose again in its place.
  • Water inlet valve need to be tested. If there isn’t any issue of the filter, you need to open the inlet valve. If faulty, it is best to replace it.
  • Verify the water volume selector switch. It needs to set properly and the buttons are working properly. If there is any problem simply making few adjustments will make it work properly.
  • Clear the pressure chamber. All blocking often occurs when the pressure chamber is blocked in the machine. The air gets trapped in the tube, thus the pressure switch remains in the ‘on’ position. The simple way to find out air blocking is that the machine will work even if there isn’t any water in the tub. The blocked pressure can be eased out by cleaning the tube.
  •  Check your water supply. If the water from the source is slow, then check your plumbing system.

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