Beer’s Amazing and Surprising Health Benefits

Surprising Health Benefits

The “brew” or beer has been around for quite some time. About some 6000 years ago evidence has been found of beer residue in ancient Chinese villages and used for rituals. So one could say that consumption trickled down from ceremonies to the household. Despite its lofty beginning, beer today can be found in almost any home. It can be had anywhere and 24 hour beer delivery is also available for everyone’s convenience. It doesn’t matter if you call, do it online or buy at almost any store, beer is available. There are amazing benefits to be had with beer provided it is consumed in moderate amounts. Moderate by definition among beer-drinkers is drinking 2-3 355ml bottles of beer daily.

It is Really Surprising!

Beer has never been a “healthy” beverage as far as the common person is concerned. Beer is more known as an alcoholic beverage, something that makes you drunk and gives you a beer belly. Contrary to popular belief, beer actually does not give you a “beer” belly but can actually help you lose stomach fat. Beer has a lot of fibers and has more protein and vitamin B than wine. Taken in moderation, it actually can help you lose weight.

Surprising Health Benefits

Beer Decreases Heart Disease Risks

Dark Ales and Stouts have been shown in studies to reduce the risk of heart diseases. Atherosclerosis, a condition when artery walls become clogged up with cholesterol and other fatty substances can be reduced by beer consumption when taken in moderation. These come from the effect of powerful antioxidants from malt and hops, both main ingredients in the brewing process of beer.

It May Boost Bone Health

Dietary Silicon, again an active ingredient in beer, is important for bone growth and connective tissue.  Moderate drinkers are found to be less likely prone to osteoporosis than non-drinkers and another study found that the same moderate drinkers will have a 20 Percent less chance of hip fractures than non-drinkers. Studies point to dietary silicon as the reason.

Beer is a Nootropic and Boosts Cognitive and Psychological Health

Data from a study on Parkinson’s disease have shown that drinking beer when at later stages in life helps improve the condition of cognitive decline among seniors, the correlation is not sure but the data is there to show that between drinkers and non -drinkers less have been shown to suffer cognitive degradation among moderate drinkers. Furthermore, a little bit of alcohol reduces tension, and increase feelings of well being.

Keep in mind that moderation is the key, and adding moderate beer consumption in an already healthy lifestyle will maximize what we can get out of beer.

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