Can crowdfunding help with the food security of people who live on the streets of India?

Thousands of farmers walked on blistered feet in the scorching sun for 6 days straight, to tell us their suffering. They are drowning in debt, and the hungry are still hungry. As, India ranks 65 out of 79 in the global hunger index, the problem of food security calls for attention by both, the Government and the people. Needless to say that funding is always the most crucial deciding factor of all social matters. While this silent protest by the farmers may have made a small difference in the waiver of loans they demanded for, we must acknowledge that the problem is far bigger. We believe that a fundraising has a major role to play in the matter of food security – here’s how

Directly provide one or more families with produce

Subsidized food prices can only be so effective. Imagine if even 12 individual people were to raise money to provide grains and produce to a poor family for just one month, the family would have assured meals for the rest of the year. If 12 more people were to do that the next year, there would be food safety for 2 years. Even something as simple as a sack of rice and pulse, can save lives.

Start a soup kitchen

Soup kitchens or community kitchens are not very popular in India – but they should be. There are people with no families, no homes, no clothes, and no food to even survive a day. If they were to get even one free meal from a soup kitchen daily, it would make a difference to so many lives. It is possible to fund the operations of a soup kitchen by crowdfunding for it,and we hope that through our platform, we are able to popularize soup kitchens in the country.

Assistance to farmers

On a more macro level, financial and technical assistance for the agrarian industry is of prime importance. How many more farmers should commit suicide before we hear their cries? There’s so much that we can do for them through online fundraising. Raise money to help them pay off debts, improve tools and technology for their farms, purchase high grade seeds for plantation, assist those who’ve lost land to famines, floods, rains, or hail storms.

Raise awareness on the importance of local produce

We must encourage people to eat locally grown produce, else the agrarian economy will continue to suffer. This is something that people need to be made aware of. Arreness programs and the executional expenses of them can very easily be crowdfunded for, through a simple campaign.

For a country that relies on 70% agriculture, the agrarian distress is beyond compare. At Impact Guru, we hope to bring crowdfunding in India to the agricultural population, and provide financial assistance on both, a macro and micro level. Besides assistance to farmers, online fundraising can help provide daily meals to those who cannot afford it. To put it simply, the purpose of this article is to convey how crowdfunding can help alleviate hunger, and increase food security for people of live on the streets of India.

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