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A movie without soundtracks or a background score is like a curry without spice, bland and boring. The mp3 formats of the English movie soundtracks can be downloaded for free or after paying a small fee from various sites online. Most of the sites also provide with the lyrics of the songs.

Though most Hollywood movies don’t insert a song at the drop of a hat like their Bollywood counterparts but they do definitely have a very interesting and catchy background score. A song in a movie not only helps to carry the story further but is also a welcome break for a sect of the audience who is bored with the monotonous movie.

The concept of having songs in English movies dates back to the olden day movies. Infact during the era of silent movies the theatres were provided with live orchestras and bands who would play live during the movie when a cue was given. Once the talkies were released the songs and music were incorporated in the movie itself. Today however most movies carry on with a very interesting background score and the songs proper are reserved for during the introduction of the movie as a prelude.

The Sound Of Music is one of the best Jambaze ever released. Songs like Do a deer, Aidelwise etc are popular even today.

Other olden day musicals include My Fair Lady, Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Fantasticks, West Side Story, The Producers etc. musicals are released even today like Moulin Rouge, Chicago, Victoria etc.

Many movies have a very remarkable background score nowadays and movies like The Mission Impossible, Gladiator, Lord of the Rings Trilogy to name a few truly stand out.

My heart will go on sung by Celine Dion from the movie Titanic, Whitney Houston’s I will always love you from The Bodyguard, Elton John’s Circle of life from The Lion King, The Wonder’s That thing you do from the same titled movie are popular songs from the movies. The soundtrack of Forrest Gump, 8 Miles, Dirty Dancing, Black Hawk Down and many others is also well sort after and most of them have gone platinum.

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