Home Decor for Moms : Color Pops

Color always infuses a home with life and happiness. One way of making your family love their home is by putting in little pops of color all over. This can make all the difference. Not only for your family, even your guests will look for excuses to come over and share the warmth. Maintaining a home is not only about buying home appliances online! However, there are ways in which you can add color without having to worry about keeping it on for a very long time.

Accent pieces

If you don’t want to commit to wall paint, or spend a pile on furniture, then buying an accent piece with some color is the easiest way for a color pop. You could get a lamp in a bright color. It could be the post or the shade. Also remember that it doesn’t have to match. The entire point of a color pop is to stand out in the room.

Paint furniture

If you have a small table, or chair or any other piece of furniture, then give it a bright paint job. If you don’t already own something that fits the bill, then go for a cheap bargain from a store selling used furniture pieces. Paint it with a happy color and let it brighten you and your family up. For example, brighten up your kid’s room by putting in a colorful side table.

Funky chairs

Why not brighten the dining table with some outstanding chairs? You can buy some colorful chairs if you have the budget. Or you could always paint over the old ones. Spray paint them with a vibrant hue. You can also tone down the shiny new paint feel by distressing the chairs with some sand paper or steel wool.

Over sized letters

This is a quirky way of spicing up a room. Get some old and big wooden letters and put them in the room of your choice. The kitchen or the den is a good choice. You could spray paint them the color of your choice. You could get metal letters too, if you prefer that. Color your photos Yes, you can add some color to your photos too. One way of doing that is by giving them colorful frames and then putting them up. Another way is by adding some colorful mats as background and simple black or white frames. You can use mats of the same color or even multiple colors too.

Poster on a wall

If you have a room in neutral tones, add some life with a poster in colors, or even a vintage poster in a funky frame. The poster shouldn’t have more than two or three colors. The neutral tones will bring out the colors in the poster. Patterned pillows Colourful pillows function as great accent pieces. These are not permanent and you can change them whenever you wish too, along with the seasons. Get some common size pillows and put them in colorful patterned prints of your choice.

Light fixtures

If you want to take baby steps with the color pops, then try some colorful light fixtures in a small space like the bathroom. Even such a small detail will transform the place. Live large On the other hand, if you are ready for a big color pop, then you could invest in a colorful piece of furniture like a desk or dining table. You can buy a piece online, just like you buy home appliances online. If you don’t want a new piece, then simply paint over your old one. There are many ways to color your home, from a tiny detail that draws attention to a big spot of color.

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