How To Improve Sports Performance With Food

Sports Performance With Food

It is important to create a proper diet with staple foods that should include all food. The athletic performance of a person improves with good training and a good rest, but keep in mind that diet is very important to improve it and to avoid fatigue and have better resistance.

Therefore, having a balanced diet and optimum to improve performance is important, so you must provide the appropriate nutrients depending on the athlete, sport, duration of activity, conditions, and climate, among others things.

It is necessary thus, to know the energy that is consumed depending on each activity, and then to create an adequate diet. To do this, you have to know that there are three basic elements that must include all food …

Sports Performance With Food

– Carbohydrates: Meals such as bread, rice, pasta, cereals, legumes, potatoes, fruits, etc. It is the energy of our body, which is stored in the muscles. They are the foods that more protagonist must have in the diet of an athlete.

– Fats: Like oils, nuts, blue fish (good fats) and dairy products, cream, butter, fatty meats, etc. (bad fats). They are used as fuel at low yields or when the glycogen reserves are depleted. They are fundamental in long-term activities.

– Proteins: What is considered the food of muscles. Foods like chicken, turkey, octopus, tuna, beef, shrimp, etc. Athletes should have protein in their diet, but without abusing them. They are used to repair muscle wasting.

– Different types of diets: Depending on the timing and purpose of the diet, there are three different, which are: diet training, competition diet and diet recovery. You can also include a natural supplement Phosphatidylserine in your daily diet, it enhance athletic performance and improve overall muscular capacity.

– Food supplements: Today, products such as anabolic rx24 are also used, which come as a result of an analysis of natural products that help improve the performance of athletes. In its website we can see the before and after of anabolic rx24 and all the information about the product.

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