RIEDELL Skates: The World’s #1 Skate Manufacturer

Skate Manufacturer

Riedell is one of the world’s most popular skate manufacturer and developer. At Riedell, you can find the best skate for you. It can be for recreational skates up to the advanced skates used in competitions. Skating is not just a hobby, it is a professional sport. You need skills for you to move smoothly on ice. It can be challenging but fun at the same time.

             When ice skating, the most important accessory, are the skates. Most skaters will complain about it because of its short lifespan. The reason for this is choosing the wrong brand of skates. They might have selected a skate that is made of low-quality materials. When choosing skates, prefer the most trusted brands in the market today, like Riedell.


The Riedell Skates

             When you buy a pair of Riedell skates, you are assured that there will be no regrets. Riedell can stand a test of time. If you are on a tight budget, you can buy one pair and use it on every event or competition. These ice skates are top of the line and reliable. They vary in sizes like for adults it’s 4-13 and for children, 6-3. These products are cost-efficient that will definitely not hurt your budget.

             The reason why Riedell skates became so popular, is because of its durability. It is one of the big names in the skating industry. They are one of the top suppliers of skates all around the world. These skates are durable enough to last a long time. It’s easy to clean just by using a saddle soap. If you are looking forward to a wonderful ice skating experience, choose Riedell and you’re in for the ride!

The Best Skates for Every Skill

             Riedell has all the ice skates that you need. Depending on your level; beginner, medium, or advanced. They also offer other skating gears like boots, blades, and other accessories that can be bought ready-mounted, or you also purchase it separately. The prices may vary, from $70 to $700 and above. These are the most popular Riedell boots on the market today.

For Beginners. (light 20-30 ankle support)

  • 625/615 Soar which is made of fabric
  • 113/13 Sparkle
  • 110 Opal
  • 114 Pearl
  • 119 Emerald

For Medium Level. (medium 40-50 ankle support)

  • 113 Diamond
  • 223 Stride
  • 229 Edge

Advanced Level (firm – 70 ankle support)

  • 255 Motion
  • 2200 Synchro
  • 4200 Dance
  • 975 Instructor
  • 910 Flair
  • 435 Bronze Star

Elite Level (extra-firm 80 – 100 ankle support)

  • 2010 Fusion
  • 875 SIlver Star
  • 1375 Gold Star
  • 3030 Aria

Riedell knows what you need for ice skating. This is why with their 7 decades of experience with this business, they have manufactured and developed the best skates that would fit your need and your budget. Comfort and protection are their priorities. You won’t be needing a lot of skates. As long as you have a pair of Riedell, you can use it whenever, wherever. Get a pair today and you will be surprised of its difference from your previous pair.

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