Tankless water heater vs. Regular water heater – which one is better?

Tankless water heater

If you are planning to get a heater for your home, there are several things you need to take into consideration. Heaters can be found in multiple sizes and work under different mechanisms, find the one that suits your needs of hot water after reading these simple pieces of advice.

Tank type heaters

The traditional heater has a tank where it accumulates the water and heats it little by little, and when it reaches the set temperature in its thermostat, it turns off. This process can last about 90 minutes. Then, during the course of the day, it is turned on and off to keep the water in your tank warm, either because a hot tap was opened or because the accumulated water cooled.

Tankless water heater

Standard tank type water heaters are mainly gas or electric. They have a storage tank that contains hot water until it is used. However, these have heat losses in the wait, which reduces their efficiency. Gas heaters have a location that can provide adequate combustion air and a means to release burned combustion gases. The electrical ones are simpler and only need an appropriate supply of electricity.

Tankless water heater

Tankless heaters also a very common water heater but without a tank and activated by the flow. This system gives you some advantages over a traditional heater.

  1. As they do not have a tank, the dimensions are reduced. This small size allows you to save a large amount of space.
  2. The best tankless water heaters remains off while the hot water faucets are closed and activate automatically when a key is opened; immediately begins to heat the water that is circulating inside it. To achieve this, it has two resistors of much more power than a traditional heater. This system offers the user instant hot water.
  3. They also heat the water that circulates inside it, and for this reason, the hot water never ends, the user then enjoys the unlimited hot water. You can bathe five, ten or more people in a row, fill a bathtub or a Jacuzzi, wash your clothes and never miss hot water.
  4. And finally, the most logical reason to install a tankless heater in the place where the traditional heater was … the energy saving … by being turned on only when really hot water is being used the electricity cost to heat water is reduced up to by 60%.

Bottom line

A conventional tank water heater can provide large amounts of hot water at one time until it runs out, while an electric tankless one can do so in an endless way. With the standard tank type, a family could be using several showers and appliances at the same time and have a lot of hot water until it runs out. An electric tankless water heater can meet this level of demand depending on the capacity acquired, and unlike a tank heater, it can supply an infinite amount of hot water.

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